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I Have My First Photography Job!!

So I went for my interview on Saturday for a photography studio, job discription – Casual Sales/Photography Assistant. Well I got a job!

It’s just for one full day 12pm – midnight in December, helping the photographers take the graduation pictures.

Very exciting stuff and hopefully not as scary as it sounds! The team has to get around 7,000 students through 30 set up studios! But I am very happy 🙂


I Love seeing what my fellow textilers are up too! Starting with Fiona :)

Is very excited to see what my lovely friend Fiona Broadbent is up too with Stamp’t! Which has just been launched!

Check her blog out here:

October Updates.

So I sold my first book on Lula, which was a lovely experience.  Great to know my work has been seen by someone outside of my immediate family.  So thank you for buying a copy!

I also bought a fresh copy myself, as my original got a bit wet at the market stall two weeks ago. So it arrived and I was a bit confused, the paper type was different to the original. It was slightly duller in colour and was matte rather than glossy paper. I also realised that the images had white lines on the left hand side of each photograph. It looked as though they had been roughly cut when in publishing. We have since sent photographs to and they have instructed us on how we can re-design the document and they will re-produce it for us. Luckily the one purchased not by myself was ok!

I also sold my first card! It was in fact purchased by my Auntie for a birthday card, but it was great to sell something after the previous efforts at the market.

We are off to an expo in the city this weekend, so we can’t do any stalls. But we are going to try the Sunday Carribean market the following week! So I hope this goes better than the last time, but at least its indoors!

Here’s the stand before the rain, the first time we set up 🙂

The First Market Stall – 9th October 2011

Sunday 9th October was the time we took part in a local market stall. Selling products I had made using the photographs I had taken from travelling Australia, including a range of postcards, notebooks and greetings cards. We started at 8am and we set up the gazebo with a little help from the lady in the spot next to us, she was using the market to sell her old bits and bobs, perhaps like a carboot sale. After laying out the postcards and other merchendise onto our big folding table, we got talking to the lady who was running the community market, she explained this was their first time as well as ours. Not many people arrived and by 9.30am the sky opened and the rains fell. Luckily we had taken our plastic rain macs – just in case we needed them. One red and one yellow mac was flung over the table to stop the majority of rain touching the paper. We started to put everything away, unfortuately this experience happened to us twice during the morning with the rain and wind. Melbourne weather, you don’t always know what you are going to get. At one point the gazebo blew away and the sun came out to dry up my table. Up to now we had sold a grand total of nothing at it was nearing 11am with 4 hours to go. After the second downpour and losing a few cards in the mud, we decided to give up and bail out of the market. A mixture of the rain and the wrong type of customers meant it wasn’t really worth us staying. I felt a bit like England during the Eurovision song contest, grand total of Nul Points. Or no sales, but we can only try again. Wish us luck next time! Though I’m happy to say the lovely lady next to us was making a killing with her car boot style stall. Oh Melbourne, as I sit here typing you have changed from bright sunshine to the dullest sky, happy Sunday morning.

My Book Cover available on

Self Publishing

After collecting all my images together, I spent time creating small groups or images that worked well together. I tried to stick within the states of Australia they were taken. Some have themes, for example: the same colouring. Others complement each other well.

I had decided a while back that I wanted to use the images I had taken to create and self publish a book of images. The process went through many stages of what I thought should be included, should it be all animals? Should I look at the side of Australia you don’t see on the adverts? I went back to the photographs and decided to stick with the beauty in Australia, especially the animals. My favourite part of Australia is driving and being able to see the Koalas in the trees and the Kangaroos on the hills.

So last week I signed up to and started to organise my book! I spent time changing the groups and putting together the best flow for my images. I really want to publish a hard back edition, but for now I focused on paperback. I gave my book a name: ‘One World: Australiana’ and today I can hapily say I have finished editing! My first draft arrived in the post and I was really happy with the quality of print! So after adding the finishing touches, today we put it online for sale today! I want to work on the hardback edition and also look at continuing to take more photographs to add in! But it’s an amazing feeling to see all your hard work come together!

Check it out on: